IES has your underwater solution... The Minisub SSRV

At this time, IES is no longer manufacturing the MiniSub SSRV. We will of course continue to supply existing customers with parts in the foreseeable future. We retained one complete set of molds to enable the Sub to be put back into production in the US should the need arise. If you happen to have a manufacturing facility close to a clear water source where you can conduct dive operations year round, and are interested in buying our demonstrator, some complete kits, numerous components, and all the molds, jigs and fixtures required to put it into production; please contact us to discuss terms. We are open to offers involving trades for Aluminum hulled vessels, aircraft, machine tools, or industrial sewing equipment.

Our MiniSub SSRV has seating for 3 persons; an experienced pilot, and 2 passengers. The MiniSub SSRV offers you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, without the need to be encumbered by wearing scuba gear. We currently operate our own MiniSub conducting underwater excursions in the Pacific Northwest, and welcome enquiries from interested individuals. For those interested in observing the underwater environment firsthand, but without the desire to obtain scuba certification, we offer underwater tours and even training as a MiniSub pilot. Contact to schedule a ride at a location near you.

For those looking for the ultimate adventure vehicle, we can provide you with your own MiniSub. Lease, Buy, or Rent, the choice is up to you. As an investment for the entrepreneur, it would be hard to find a more dynamic investment with the income potential offered by your own MiniSub. Consider the income potential from:

Combine that with the Tax Deductions you can claim by setting up your own MiniSub operation, and you have the potential to own a very well paying, worthwhile business that produces a steady income, while giving you the opportunity to expand your awareness of the underwater environment.

Recently we have become increasingly aware of the desire that many people have to own their own MiniSub SSRV, but can't justify the costs of a fully completed turn key vessel. To aid these individuals we are producing kits ranging from hull kits, with plans and materials lists; to complete kits including all items needed to finish out their own MiniSubs. You can purchase the items you need as your budget allows.

To obtain technical and pricing information on the MiniSub SSRV, simply follow the links below. (It may take a few minutes to view the photo gallery).

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